Dry Stack Rock work


TK Land Design 

TK Land Design has been owned and operated in the beautiful Okanagan, BC by Thomas Kjorven for 10 years now, specializing in rock retaining walls and dry stack custom rock work. (i.e. stairs, fire pits, and freestanding archways)

Thomas brings over 16 years of experiences with natural stone, landscaping, hardscaping, and machine work, along with a creative eye and meticulous care to every projects. As he alone is the owner / designer / builder on each job, quality and durability are always his top priority. 


What is a rock retaining wall? 

Rock retaining walls can be an effective and beautiful way to retain any slope or grade difference. There is no binding agent required in a dry stack rock wall as it is held together by the weight of the skillfully placed rocks, and in effect can stand the test of time and weather without any concerns of cracking or rotting concrete. 


Rock Retaining Wall Diagram