All services are provided following a meeting and a formal written estimate. Every project is unique and offers its own set of challenges and technical considerations, therefor the prices indicated below are a base line for your consideration.


Rock retaining walls


Rock retaining walls are sometimes simply a requirement (i.e., you just built a house and your yard is higher in elevation then your neighbours), and other times rock walls are a way to expand your existing yard space, still other times a rock wall can beautify that ugly hill side and create a level space to garden.  Either way, TK Land Design builds walls that not only accomplish what ever you need or want, but add a piece of art to your house to hopefully make your neighbours and friends jealous. 



Rock retaining walls are priced by the exposed square footage on the face of the wall. For 2018 the sq ft price starts at $30/sq ft in kelowna (cost may vary as each project is unique and offers its own challenges and considerations)  

The sq ft  price includes

-quality hand picked rocks

- gravel backfill (for drainage and weed prevention)

- trucking

- machinery (excavator and packer) 

- and the builders time.


NOTE - some jobs may require material to be brought in or trucked out, this extra cost is not included in the sq ft price and will be determined and estimated for in the initial quote.


Rock Stairs  

Natural rock stairs are a beautiful way to access differing levels in your yard. Each stair is personally picked by the builder and often hand chissled and placed to create a natural and hand crafted access to where ever you need.  


Natural rock stairs are priced starting at $250 / step (this price is for steps up to 4' wide, for wider custom stair the price will vary)

Price includes

- quality hand picked rock

- trucking

- machinery (excavator and packer)

- labour


Concrete Rock Steps

Now-a-days concrete products have really stepped up their game in the rock imitating scene. Offering both uniform and irregular shapes, concrete steps are a fantastic solution when needing access to and from a tenant suit and main entrance where shovelling snow and accommodating people in all walks of life is required.



Concrete stair are priced starting at $350 / step (this price is for stairs up to 4' wide, for wider custom steps the price will vary)


Flag stone (dry fit)

Flag stone path ways and patios are a fantastic way to guide your eyes and feet through your yard and gives the sense of old country craftsmanship to your own private oasis. 

what is dry fit? I am glad you asked! like the rest of my rock work, there is no concrete required! flag stone paths and patios are laid in a bed of crusher chips and then finished with a brilliant product called polymeric dust which is applied to the joints. the dust is then sprayed with water and expands and hardens making each piece of the artistically placed mosaic an effective whole to the path or patio.


dry fit flagstone pathways and patios are priced by the sq ft. prices vary on rock type of stone selected. 


- prep

- flagstone

- crusher chip base

- polymeric dust for joints 




As a skilled operator for over 16 years Thomas has the equipment, experience, and know-how to assist you with small footing digs, driveway preps, land contouring, service line installations and general excavation and grading.